Amnesty International Joey Barton Appeal

fanzine12Please help Amnesty save people like Joey on the right. Joey earns around £50 grand a week but can’t stop acting like an utter plonker in his desperation to ruin his cushy overpaid lifestyle. First he tried stubbing out ciggys on his team mate’s eye balls in a desperate attempt to get a window cleaning round, then he took to beating up strangers in the street. Joey has had enough of the flash cars, the jet set life style and the horrors of a couple of hours training a day.

Today we are appealing to people like you to help Joey. Could you sponsor a few brain cells to help Joey out? For a small monthly fee we will ensure Joey writes to you, even if he’s in jail. He’ll have plenty of time during his suspensions to keep in touch. Please help us to help Joey, if he stops playing professional football he could end up as your neighbour.


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