Wakefield- My Part In Their Downfall

“You put your right boot in! You take your right boot out! You do a lot of shouting and you shake your fists about! You light a little smokie and you burn down ze tovn! Zat’s vot it’s all about!”

Herr Flick

Away with team tactics.Cables unvieled their very own weapon of mass distraction at Wakefield.With the Wallopers a goal down we decided to deploy psychological warfare on the home side by having Cabletoffee shout very loudly in German from the back of the stand.This appeared to unsettle the Polish Wakefield keeper who couldn’t decide if he was hearing things or the Wehrmacht were on their way.Whether CT was shouting encouragement to Cables or urging for an invasion of the Sudentanland is anyone’s guess.


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One response to “Wakefield- My Part In Their Downfall

  1. cabletoffee

    My german’s not that good. I was actually ordering a double room with bath.

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