There’s Only One RONNIE GLAVIN!! one Cables’ fan’s dream comes true….

Ronnie who? You may well ask, and many Cables fans did yesterday (Saturday 10th October 2009)  – That would be THE Ronnie Glavin, footballing legend of the 70s and 80s and now Manager of Wakefield FC.


Ronnie Glavin

Ronnie Glavin

OK, it’s apparent that Ronnie’s legend status didn’t make it either over Hadrian’s Wall or across the Pennines to Merseyside.  Trust me, though, the man’s a legend in both Glasgow (the green and white part) and Barnsley.

Dynamic midfield player who scored 35 goals in 104 appearances for Celtic between 74 and 79…..and he did really well at Barnsley too, but no one cares about Barnsley 😉

He may have changed a bit since his playing days, a little more girth (haven’t we all) and his mop of black hair has turned white in the years since this fan used to travel to Parkhead and worship him for his silky skills and wonderful finishing.  You can keep your flash finishing Kenny Dalglish…….next to Jinky Jimmy Johnstone, Ronnie was my hero.  It may have taken 35 years, but yesterday I finally got to meet him……not only meet him, but have him sign my Celtic shirt (I’m getting it framed and it’s going back on my bedroom wall).

We all want our heroes to be nice guys and I wasn’t disappointed.  Ronnie Glavin is a very nice guy……he put up with me being awestruck!

We may have only taken one point from that game…..but I got so much more from it than anyone.  Bring on the home tie!!  Hopefully those Cables fans who do know their history will give Ronnie a really warm Prescot welcome.

Ronnie Glavin now

Ronnie Glavin now


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