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Cables 1 Lancaster City 2

PA020070Another day another cup, another rapid Cables exit.I can’t recall the last time Cables went beyond the first round of the FA Trophy.Last year we saved our worst performance of the season for an embarrassing home defeat by Cammell Laird,Cables were so bad you could have sent 11 random fans (ANY AGE OR SEX) out on the pitch in Cables shirts and they would have fared better.The previous season a win-less bottom of the table Frickley¬† came to Cables and you can guess the rest.The luck of the cup, at least in terms of the FA Trophy, has never been part of Cables season.This season we pulled Lancaster City out of the hat, certainly winnable but certainly tough too. After Tuesday’s heartening performance there’s every reason to be cautiously confident.

Within ten minutes it’s fairly obvious Cables are up against it.No sooner does a Cables player gets the ball he has three or four Lancaster players snapping at his heels.This means individual Cables players have to dribble through two or three challenges simply to have the space to pick out an available team mate. About the same time the Lancaster massive start up in the main stand. Numbered about eight they go through their back catalogue of¬† tuneless songs.The ones I could understand were generally aimed towards Cables, the fans and ground- ah bless- it’s like having Boston in town again. Although singing “no fans” at a match with an attendance of 200 when your own home gates aren’t much better is stretching it a bit .But I don’t think it’s anything personal, they have their songs and intend to get them sung regardless of circumstances.I mean, the guttural territorial chant of “Lancashire nah nah nah” is probably better performed at the ground of a team that doesn’t proudly carry the red rose of Lancashire on its club crest- just a thought. As the noise is on the far side of the ground I can get on with watching the game, or so I thought. Eventually I’m joined by an elderly Lancaster fan who divides his time between laughing to himself , muttering darkly under his breath and making a sort of squealing sound every time Lancaster attack.Perhaps he’s one of the massive doing a solo job on the other side of the pitch. Either way it means I eventually move back up the embankment out of earshot of the disturbing soundtrack.

Eventually Lancaster score.A schoolboy error by the Cables defence.They nearly score a couple of more while Cables are unable to string two passes together.Half time is a welcome respite. The second half is marginally better for Cables, Lancaster score again but Cables do at least have a few pops at goal.Phil Green pulls Cables back into the game with a late header and Cables almost snatch an unlikely draw as Dale Wright’s 90th minute free kick forces the Lancaster keeper into a full length save.

It turns out the Lancaster boss had Cables watched in the run up to this game.Not quite in the ‘seat-of-your-pants’ spirit of the non league game if you ask me.Ah well…back to the league and all that.

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