Mitten’s Kitten

Tuesday 29th September 2009

Dear Diary,

Went up to Hope Street to try and catch a glimpse of my hero.  He entered Hope  Street like Collosus, shielded only by his henchman and minder, Craig Fleury.  No sign of his other sidekick, Tobin, so I was able to get within swooning distance as he strode towards the changing rooms dressed in his Cables Tracksuit, his hair grown out of the skin head style he was sporting just a couple of weeks ago.  Like Samson, his hair appears to be his strength.  Just my bad luck that he is actually playing tonight!!!  Several fans standing close to me must also be smitten with mitten, because they express their horror that he is on the pitch, presumably, like me, they wanted to be able to get as close to Joshy as the Garforth No. 4  did. 

Oh well, if he is playing I might as well stay, watch the game and delight in the vision of Joshy in shorts *swoon*.  Joshy was magnificent….awesome!  His other fans must be more stalkeresque smitten than I.  Just his presence was too much for them to bear, they wanted him replaced, just so he could come and sit in the dugout closer to us.  That could be the only reason they wanted him replaced since some of them muttered good game as he walked past but others were struck dumb as they basked in his charisma.

Roll on Saturday when hopefully his other fans and I might be sittin’ with Mitten!



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