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12 Months On!

Painting behind the toilet bowl in the changing rooms at Hope Street yesterday it suddenly occurred to me it was 12 months ago I was painting the toilets in the clubhouse- plus ca change you may think , but not so. Even as I, and several other Cables volunteers , scrubbed and brushed the clubhouse and ground last summer no one was in any real doubt Cables were in for another rough season. The results curve was definitely downwards from November 2007 onwards something only confirmed by a pretty wretched pre-season.

Yesterday’s clean up squad had a definite spring in the step that was missing last year. A new league ,new management team and almost certainly a healthy influx of new players had most of us expressing an eagerness for the 2009/10 season to get underway.

There has been pretty universal welcome to the appointment of Joe Gibiliru and his assistant Dave Ridler.There was an argument that an entirely fresh perspective was needed to identify the problems on the pitch, whether that is accurate only time will tell.But at least this year the lick of fresh paint off the pitch has been matched by a change in personnel, something that hints at a real change in the fortunes of Prescot Cables FC.

One thing never changes at Cables though.It still takes Marg the Match Secretary a full calender month to paint a single skirting board.I suppose every revolution has its limits….


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