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Darren Byers

So, farewell then Darren Byers

Cables, Cables number 9

You scored goals but barely moved

Now you’ve moved to Burscough

Higher football, your ultimate goal…

I first saw Darren Byers in August 2007, the home match against Kendal Town.He looked to be off the pace a bit and seemed too slight to cope with the rough and tumble of Unibond Premier League football. Appearences can be deceptive of course. Over the next month or so it became clear he had the killer instinct required of forwards at every level. Two poachers goals at Witton and Leek Town helped Cables to vital wins.This was followed by Byers scoring the winner in a narrow 1-0 home win over Ashton United at Hope Street. When you realise Cables escaped relegation at the end of the 07/08 season by the skins of their teeth the value of these goals can’t be underestimated.

In 2009/10 he managed to amass 19 goals despite Cables winning only 5 league games. The hat trick at Marine may stand out, as does the spectacular equaliser against Eastwood Town away. For me the goal that summed up Darren Byers was scored in the home match against FC United. Set free by a precise through ball Byers raced to the edge of the FCUM area before firing an angled drive beyond the keeper and into the far corner of the net.No hit and hope, no luck, no poor defending, just a clinical finish.

Players at every level want to play at the highest possible level of football. Darren’s move to Burscough is just part of that natural progression, and in Darren’s case he’ll probably move on again in the future to better things.

Good luck Darren and thanks for the memories.


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12 Months On!

Painting behind the toilet bowl in the changing rooms at Hope Street yesterday it suddenly occurred to me it was 12 months ago I was painting the toilets in the clubhouse- plus ca change you may think , but not so. Even as I, and several other Cables volunteers , scrubbed and brushed the clubhouse and ground last summer no one was in any real doubt Cables were in for another rough season. The results curve was definitely downwards from November 2007 onwards something only confirmed by a pretty wretched pre-season.

Yesterday’s clean up squad had a definite spring in the step that was missing last year. A new league ,new management team and almost certainly a healthy influx of new players had most of us expressing an eagerness for the 2009/10 season to get underway.

There has been pretty universal welcome to the appointment of Joe Gibiliru and his assistant Dave Ridler.There was an argument that an entirely fresh perspective was needed to identify the problems on the pitch, whether that is accurate only time will tell.But at least this year the lick of fresh paint off the pitch has been matched by a change in personnel, something that hints at a real change in the fortunes of Prescot Cables FC.

One thing never changes at Cables though.It still takes Marg the Match Secretary a full calender month to paint a single skirting board.I suppose every revolution has its limits….

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West Lancs Samaritans humanitarian appeal

The West Lancs Branch of The Samaritans are launching an urgent appeal after the small village of Burscough was devastated by the arrival of Hurricane Gray last week. A Samaritan spokesperson commented ” It was awful, as soon as people heard the news of Gray’s arrival they inundated our small centre with pleas for help.Most wanted counselling but those living near Burscough FC were exhausted after digging bunkers in their back yards. One resident said her hearing aid exploded after hearing Gray thundering away in the near distance.It’s a disaster for the town and we are appealing for volunteers to come forward with donations of ear plugs and blankets to wrap around people’s heads.”

Has Andy Gray recently been appointed your manager?

Call The Samaritans Hotline or email them at     title your e mail ” 9 months of hell coming up” and one of our volunteers will get to you as soon as possible.

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Burscough fans react to Andy Gray’s arrival

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A tale of ten goalkeepers

They say you have to be mad to be a Keeper.In that case Cables required the services of an entire psychiatric ward during the 2008/09 season, here’s how it unfolded.


A long haired geezer appeared in pre season.He had the curious knack of being unable to see the ball- a not insignificant handicap for a keeper.


A huge brute of a keeper appeared at Winsford away in July.In the grey Cables shirt he looked more like the Iron Giant.We never saw him again.


Ian Lowe.Ian was a steady enough lad who paid the price for Cables pre season defensive lapses.


Tim Dittmer. Conceded goals as often as Johnny Vegas pops into McDonalds.


Zak Jones. It’s astonishing how Cables managed to conceded 100 goals despite a keeper like Zak featuring in most games.Several defeats would have been landslides if not for Zak. More exposed than a page three girl on a winter morning’s photo shoot in the Arctic.


Zak Hibbert.Zak had that frustrating knack of being brilliant then dropping a clanger at just the wrong moment.


Andy Paxton.Andy started his season just as the relegation trap door shut on Cables.Due to no fault of his he had more shots launched at him than an informer in front of a firing squad.He should have requested a last meal and a blind fold before every game.


Phil Hunt.Youth team keeper Phil Hunt got the short straw against rampant Hednesford in Cables last home game.Some decent saves.


Karl Bell.Karl took over after 82 minutes at Kendal following Zak Jones’ sending off.Karl’s two actions were to pick the ball out of the net following a penalty then to pick up a back pass- Kendal scored from the subsequent free kick.


Lee Owens.Lee became something of a cult hero when he went in goal to replace the injured Andy Paxton and saved a penalty against Cammel Lairds.Sadly that’s as good as it got for Cables in the second half of the season.

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What’s Cooking @ Cables?

Chairman Tony Zev and Manager Andy Gray try out new careers

Andy & Tony.....which is which, you decide

Andy & Tony.....which is which, you decide

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